Meeting recap


Last night’s meeting (October 29, 2008) was held at the Small World Coffee Shop due to the fall break and unavailability of University rooms. Nick and Ken began a brainstorming conversation about a collaboration on an interactive light table. When Rob joined us, an idea was sparked about a table where a servo driven magnet mounted below a box with a light layer of sand would drag a steel ball through the sand to draw pictures. The three agreed to pursue this idea as a collaboration.

Rob showed a hand held version of a vortex cannon (a vortex pistol?) that he built with his 5 year old son. He also showed a prototype of a compact, foldable camping grill to be used by back-packers.

Ken showed his “ThinkWell”, a solid state USB memory farm built in a Steampunk style.

Nick showed pictures of his completed concrete bench with lighted interior cavity.

More detailed posts on these projects to come.

The meeting wrapped up with a discussion of possible future “hands on” demonstrations, such as metal and circuit board etching, acrylic casting, TIG welding, and robotics. We will likely put together an etching demo in the near future.

Come to the next meeting, scheduled for November 12th.

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