Next Meeting: 12 November 2008


Hello again!

The next meeting of MAKE:Princeton will be held on 12 November 2008 in room 039 of the East Pyne Building, from 7:00–9:00pm.

This meeting, we’re going to try something different.  Per the requests of some group members, I’m going to be leading a short lab, “How to Solder,” in which we will practice through hole soldering techniques and make blinking things.  This lab will be free to everyone (though donations for parts are appreciated).  Also, if anyone has a spare soldering iron they could bring, it would be a real help.

In the future, I’d like to offer more short labs, such as “Etching circuit boards at home,” or “Melting metal for fun and profit.”

Some of you asked if there was more parking available near the meetings.  There are some metered parking spaces along Nassau street, very close to the meeting.  Also, there are some free parking spaces along Witherspoon St.  Failing both of those options, the University has some parking lots that are free to visitors after 5pm (see  Lot #10 on this map ( may be your best bet among the PU lots.

I’ll see you all Wednesday night!

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