Arduino Lab – FREE – at our next meeting!


The people have spoken, and they want to learn microcontrollers. We at MAKE:Princeton will deliver.

At our next meeting, we are offering a free class on the Arduino microcontroller. Topics will include: Basic I/O – making lights blink, reading buttons and knobs; motors – steppers and servos; television – driving an NTSC signal with an Arduino. No prior programming or electronics experience is required, we’ll cover all the basics. And if you have your own Arduino (or other microcontroller) projects to show off, feel free to bring those too.

We’re hoping for a big turn-out, so bring your friends and spread the word!

The meeting will happen next Wednesday, 10 December 2008 from 7–9pm in room 039 of East Pyne Hall, on Princeton campus.

Some of you asked if there was more parking available near the meetings. There are some metered parking spaces along Nassau street, very close to the meeting. Also, there are some free parking spaces along Witherspoon St. Failing both of those options, the University has some parking lots that are free to visitors after 5pm; lot #10 on this map may be your best bet among the PU lots.
See you there!

One Response to “Arduino Lab – FREE – at our next meeting!”

  1. Rob Philp Says:

    The arduino class was great! I can see now why it is such a popular hobby controller.
    I would be interested to know the number of that H-bridge chip, and where to get it.

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