Next Meeting – Metalcasting – 1 April 2009


Due to the success of and excitement about the metal casting meeting, We’d like to try metal casting one more time. We feel like it was a lot of fun, but there are still lots of little bugs we need to work out of our process.

I have parts I’d like to cast for my Stirling Engine project. Additionally, Ken suggested we make some sort of small memento, such as MAKE:Princeton plaques or keychains, so everyone can bring something home.

Because of the nature of this activity, we cannot do it inside. Also, for safety, we want to do it during daylight hours. Thus, we will be conducting this meeting at a new location (Nick’s back yard) and at an earlier time (5pm). We realize that some of you will be coming from work, so don’t feel bad about showing up late; we’d rather you get there late then miss the whole thing!

Where: Nick’s Back Yard, 222 King St, Princeton
When: 1 April 2009; 5pm–dark (feel free to show up late)
What: Casting aluminum in sand and plaster

Bring: friends, ideas, enthusiasm, and scrap aluminum (don’t bring cans, as their high surface area causes them to oxidize instead of melt).


One Response to “Next Meeting – Metalcasting – 1 April 2009”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hey metal forgers! Check out this MAKE entry and follow the links for some great ideas.


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